• What is it for?

Your vCard QR sign is encoded with your contact details: Company name, Phone number, Address, E-mail and Website. Customers scan the QR sign with their smartphones and your details are displayed on their screen ready to be saved to their phone address book at the touch of a button. 

Your URL QR sign is encoded with your website address or a particular page within your website. It is particularly great for sales if you have a mobile enhanced e-commerce site (Just like the ones we design at YCIS!)

Look. Think about it. It is the display sign that will keep existing customers coming back to you and potential foot traffic outside to call you for your products and services. IT IS A DISPLAY SIGN THAT PAYS FOR ITSELF WITH THE FIRST SCAN! Thereafter, every new customer who scanned the QR is pure profit - customers you would otherwise not have had if you did not invest the paltry sum of £25. 

In two words, SALES REVENUE! It is used to boost customer retention and sales of your products and services. Raise your company profile, get customers to call you, visit your website, and increase your network with QR. Please use the image files we send you to put it on your stationery, business cards, leaflets, menus, website and adverts. The more opportunities for the public to scan your QR, the more it will add to your business revenue.

  • Do I have to pay monthly for my QR codes?

No! You only pay ONCE for the custom designed QR code and it is yours.

  • Can I make copies of the QR code design I bought from you?

Yes! You can make as many copies as you wish. You can use the image file of the design I send you to put it on your stationery, business cards, menus, website, and print advertising. It is your property to do whatever you like with it. In fact, the more places you use it, the better and more effective it will be for your business.

  • Can I put any information on a vCard QR code?

Yes, almost! Anything you can put on a business card can be put on a vCard QR code. Your business name, telephone number, postal address, email, and website. If you feel the need to add more information than the fields provided on the form, all you need to do is call and ask. (Before the design process is started, please!).

  • Can you make me a facebook "LIKE" QR design for my facebook business page?

Yes, but you can save money and do it yourself for free if you know your way around Photoshop. You can get the QR code for your facebook page by using our free service FREE QR CODE clicking on "URL" in the app and typing in your facebook page url then pressing "Generate". Then get a template from facebook to copy and paste the QR on to it.

  • But I want you to make me a large laminated/vinyl facebook "Like" QR design to put on my shop window! Can you do it?

The customer is always right. I will include it in our design options for a 21 x 21 cm design for your shop window.