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If it is not, then you should consider hiring YCIS to rebuild your site. We believe your website should be earning money for you, as such we design, plan and implement your site with that basic premise from the start. 

No matter which sector your business lies, there are 5 basic business goals for websites:

  1. E-commerce: The goal is to achieve sales of products and services on your website.
  2. Lead Generation: The goal is to gather contact details of your customers and potential customers so that they can be offered products and services by your sales team
  3. Content Publishing: The goal is to have as many visitors as possible to generate revenues from advertising
  4. Online Information: The goal is to provide fast, easily navigated information.
  5. Branding: The goal is to drive awareness, engagement and loyalty. 

These goals can be a matrix mix or a single goal, but once you identify which goals you want for your business, we will facilitate that for you.

For example, £199 will buy a 5 page brochure website, and this is what happens:

  • We identify Branding, Lead generation, and Online Information as your basic business goals. It is decided that a 5 page brochure website is suitable for the stated business goals. Consultation of theme, colours, logos, text, and content are discussed together and provided to us.
  • We produce the first prototypes. We iterate the first step to refine the prototype pages. Google Maps for location and contact forms are included to produce 4 pages that reflect the stated goals.
  • Several steps of refining later, it is approved. The website has been proof-read, Search Engine Optimised (SEO or SEV), Analytics ready, social network ready and it is published.
  • A Social Network business page is published on Twitter and/or Facebook to complement the website.
  • A dynamic page on your website is included for a social network (Either Twitter or Facebook) (5th page), which is linked and enables you to update your business status with text, images and video so that your clients can find out what is happening to your business in real time.
  • Your website is submitted to all the major search engines.
  • We custom design QR codes encoded with your details and give you a 21x21cm laminated sign + insertion into website + digital files for you to print it on your stationery and business cards.
  • One month after publishing, all pertinent analytics data for your website (How many visits, location, browser used, which pages were looked at and for how long, etc - Basic information that may help us understand your visitors better and help refine your website to earn more revenue) will be presented to you and discussed.

As you can see, YCIS offers great value for money and we have a support service that nobody else offers in the industry: Actionable data analysed by professionals to help your online business grow. Recent Blog on YCIS: "Would you want this guy to create your website?"


Originally developed in Japan by the motor car industry, QR Codes are now ubiquitous and proven in marketing as one of the best ways to engage with your customers and potential customers. 70% of all UK mobiles are Smart Phones and can be used to read QR signs. 60% in the Far East scan QR codes on a regular basis. Catching up on the trend, 21% of Americans scan QR codes on a regular basis. With hundreds of free QR reader apps provided by the iphone app store and Android Google Play, it is growing in popularity daily as new smartphones are being sold with QR reader apps pre-installed

Why? People scan to quickly and easily store information into their phones, to visit websites where mobile landing pages have been made to engage with them, to visit specific social network pages, to redeem discount coupons, and to decrypt personal messages that was made for them in QR. 

YCIS make custom QR signs that are bold, attractive and above all functional as a revenue earning device that gives every person who sees it an opportunity to store your contact details into their phones. To call you, to email you, to visit your site, all at the touch of a button at will. That means the first scan may earn you the income that may otherwise not have come if the customer had not stored your details into their phone. 

It's very simple. There are 2 ways to buy your QR sign.

  • Call 020 8839 9916 to give your details for us to make a Shop-Front sign for you. 
  • Navigate the website and buy online under "Custom QR Design" giving your details, uploading any logos and instructions on design

They come in a variety of sizes and materials. The largest can even incorporate your shop opening times and telephone number next to the custom QR code.

A QR code with your contact details is called a vCard QR

A QR code with a website address is called a URL QR

NEW SHOP FRONT WINDOW DECAL: 49cm x 31cm (Wide enough to go across the width of a glass door) 

window decal with QR by YCISYCIS shop front window decal with QR

Photos of YCIS Custom QR artwork that are being used right now to generate custom: Blog Photo Slides